• Forest Hills Montessori School

    67-04 Austin Street , Forest Hills, NY 11375

About Us

  • Our Mission

    The mission of Forest Hills Montessori School is to provide both creative and stimulating intellectual, artistic, and developmental experiences for children ages 3-12. We strive to cultivate each child’s natural desire to learn and to foster his/her natural curiosity and love of knowledge.

  • Our Philosophy

    We are committed to providing a rigorous, classical education that focuses on scholastic achievement. Emphasis is placed on core skills in reading, writing, and mathematics, using a broad repertoire of teaching techniques and technologies. These skills are enhanced by their integration throughout the curriculum. Our faculty creates experiences that foster critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration.

    Our educational philosophy is centered on intellectual, physical, and artistic development. Forest Hills Montessori School’s size and low student-teacher ratio enable our exceptional faculty to maximize individual attention. Our nurturing, family-oriented environment brings out the joy of learning in each child.

  • Our Core Values

    Forest Hills Montessori School is committed to providing a safe, healthy Montessori learning environment where every student is important and has the ability to learn and make wise choices. Our staff is highly qualified and strives to work collaboratively with students, parents, and community members to provide a solid foundation of a Montessori curriculum so every student will learn.

“THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST SCHOOLS IN THE TRI-STATE. Academically the test scores in ELA & Math have been one of the highest in over 20 years. Nursery & Kindergarten program is beyond approach. Foreign language & music begin at the nursery level. The waiting list being long it is recommended that one should register early in the year. Parents have free access to both classroom & staff. ”

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